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Game information - Wardens

A bit of information for you about the kinds of characters you can play in Talespinner.

Wardens are people who have answered the call of the Bright Song. They are rare and gifted people who have gained special abilities through their connection to the Bright Song and the Etheria that resonates within them. They have been charged by the Bright Council with protecting the people of Telanya from the terrors of the Gloom. There are seven classes of Warden, each blessed with their own abilities:

- Acrobats are highly agile tricksters who wander the land entertaining people with incredible performances of flexibility, balance and skill. When facing the Gloom, they can distract foes and move through difficult terrain with ease.

- Bards are gifted musicians and storytellers who bring joy and wonder to the people of Telanya. When on missions, they inspire their allies to greater efforts and act as diplomats for their party.

- Champions are powerful athletes , who represent their towns and villages during the Great Games. When adventuring, their speed and tireless energy allows them to protect the innocent from the Gloomspawn.

- Crafters manufacture items of superior quality and even magical Wonders in their Guildhalls. When duty calls, they can do any task in a fraction of the time others take, and can quickly create useful objects out of things they find in their environment.

- Mages study arcane secrets and the lore of the past, bringing magic to the people of Telanya. In times of need their spellweaving can create powerful effects that others cannot match, though doing so can weaken them.

- Monks are esoteric philosophers and healers who take in the sick and injured to cure them in their Sanctuaries. When travelling with their band of adventurers they can quickly remove Conditions from their allies and even focus inward to use skills they do not possess.

- Rangers are mysterious wanderers who watch the roads and trails in the wilds. They can attune themselves to their surroundings, allowing them to find hidden foes, and they can effortlessly fade into their surroundings, becoming one with the wild.

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