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Late Autumn – on the North-West border of the Great Forest.

Well, they weren't wrong about the eesheeya. I have never in my life seen so many fey in one place. They were all headed into the woods, some sort of gathering, a festival. It was hard to get a straight answer out of any of them, but I counted two hundred of them camped out on the forests edge. I pitched my tent and tied up my horse nearby and all night I could see them dance and hear their music. One of them told me that these eesheeya were mostly from The Vale of Aramitii, which is a place I know nothing of, and about which the eesheeya were strangely silent themselves. There are many things in this world, even in this little corner of it, that are a complete mystery to me. I could travel all the days of my life and never hope to see even a tenth of it all. The Great Forest is dark, foreboding and uninviting. It has not been a difficult choice to heed the advice of my cousins in Cloudspore, and stay out of the trees. However, it seems winter is coming early this year, and if snow sets in I will have to ignore my instincts and camp each night in the shelter of the trees. I'm probably just being spooked by tavern ghost stories, but I'm not very big, even for a quesatera, and fighting is not really my greatest skill. I have heard that kobolds are not the only creatures lurking in the Great Forest.

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