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Midwinter – nine weeks of snow.

I found an Elder Henge. I have read about these relics, but never hoped to find one, and as I am, frostbitten and hungry from my extended journey through the woods, this discovery may very well have saved my life.

The forest floor is deep in snow, but for more than a mile around the Elder Henge, the ground is dry and the grasses green and sunshine breaks through the grey clouds. My talent for sensing Etheria has never been as strong as it should be, but the Henge literally glows with magical energy. Within the actual stone circle, peculiar flowers grow, red and orange petals and a delicious honey scent. Digging one up, I discovered a yellow yam-like bulb which when boiled, tasted just like the Heffler Potatoes from the mountains in the North. Not far from the Henge is a fresh and sweet spring, and nearby rabbit warrens are crowded with enough rabbits to feed me until the winter is over. I think that I will stay here until the snows have melted, and continue my journey to the river in the Spring.

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