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Race name changes

A big change to the naming convention of the Freefolk races. For a number of reasons we have decided to do away with the classic names for the various races of the Freefolk. Instead of elves, dwarfs, halflings, etc, we have settled on alternative names, drawn from their own cultures, mostly meaning "people", "ancestry" or "tribe". Similarly, the word "race" itself is replaced with the quesatera word "gentim", meaning "heritage". This change has been in the works for some time and we hope it adds a little flavour and interest to the setting.

Here goes:

Trolls are now known as the ashkasi

Humans are now known as the cornar

Fairies are now known as the eesheeya

Dwarfs are now known as the khumos

Halflings are now know as the naspani

Gnomes are now known as the quesatera

Elves are now known as the sindipar

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