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The Grey Marsh  -  Day 7

The goblins captured me, but have done me no harm, nor have they taken any of my possessions. Instead they seem to be like an armed escort, leading me to the tower. The goblins move very slowly, stepping everywhere with the most delicate caution, careful to not crush the flowers, or to dislodge any rocks. They are quiet, and their skin, Gloomstained though it is, rather than being black and scabrous, is more like the swamp itself - covered in moss and lichen. They are beautiful and peaceful, quiet and respectful. Though they do not speak to me, I have heard them whispering to each other, and it sounds no different than wind blowing through tall grass. We have stopped to rest a moment before making the final few miles to the tower and they have fed me with wild foods plucked from the rich earth.

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