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The Grey Marsh  -  Day 6

I am being followed. I have known about it for a few days, but they don't hide themselves any longer. Gloomspawn - goblins, kobolds and other creatures too mutated by the Gloom to identity. They keep their distance, seeming more curious than malicious. Perhaps they are only drawing me in with a false sense of security to a trap they have set deeper in the swamp. I don't care.

I dreamed of Ieya last night. I saw her as she had been before she was lost to me. Beautiful, literally glowing with the radiance of her magic. She was calling my name and telling me to continue. I woke up feeling exhausted, as if I had been walking in my sleep. Today, as I crested a small hill, I saw through the fog a dark shape on the horizon. A tower? A tree? I cannot tell, but I will reach it tomorrow.

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