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Welcome to the world of Telanya!

Welcome to the Bright Age!


Take on the role of a Warden, a gifted hero out of legend who strives to protect the Freefolk of Telanya from the many dangers that may threaten them. Tread the ancient roads of the North into the titanic Morkhost Ranges, guiding travellers to the ancient ashkasi citadels that lie snowbound most of the year. Creep through overgrown temple ruins in the Great Forest pursuing dark rumours of Gloomspawn. Investigate ominous disappearances on the lonely, windswept frontiers of Carwaithe. Uncover secret conspiracies and vile plots in the glittering city of Ardrennan. Celebrate the annual Midnight Festival among the giant fungal dwellings in Cloudspore, the Dream City. Protect traders as you ride the wide Meandering River on the great barge flotillas as they make their annual trading run across the breadth of the River Country. Sail out of Barter Bay across the glittering Jewel Sea until you come in sight of the green isle of Lutheria, watched from above by dour-faced Hawkriders. The possibilities for adventure are endless.


The history of Telanya is a long and troubled one. It has been a thousand years of peace since the Gloomwars. The Eldertimes are now all but forgotten, and with them much lore and cunning craft, but the Freefolk of Telanya have struggled to recover from the Gloomwars and build something better in its place. The Gloom, once the greatest threat to the lives of the Freefolk, now lies dormant in the darkest places of the realm, bound and rendered impotent thanks to a great enchantment that has protected the Freefolk for a thousand years: the Brightsong. Under the Brightsong’s subtle influence, no violent deed can be committed in Telanya lest the one committing it be marked by the Gloomstain, an ugly grey discolouration of the skin. Freefolk have learned to to be very wary of those who bear the Stain. But people take heart; while the Brightsong protects them, they are safe.

But the days are slowly changing. Of late, goblin bands have been seen travelling under cover of night. Gloomspawn have become bolder, creeping from the Gloomlands with greater regularity. Outlying settlements on the eastern frontier have been emptied, their inhabitants dragged off in chains. Political alliances are failing, secret conspiracies hatch plots to gain power, and the Guilds have enough influence now to challenge the Assembly. People whisper that the ancient enemy is on the rise, that the Bright Council has abandoned them, as have the Wardens who serve them. Dark days lie ahead, and the nights darker still. Will the Wardens rise to the challenge of keeping the Freefolk safe, or will the grim past of Telanya rise again to threaten everything they have built?

What tales will they write of your deeds?

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