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Sickness at Daraton module is here!

Hi Spinners! Finally, we have great news. The adventure module Sickness at Daraton is ready to play! This module serves two functions. First, it serves as a play-test designed to give you a chance to share in shaping the first edition of the Talespinner corebook. Your feedback will be essential in creating a truly quality roleplaying game. Second, the module gives you the first glimpse at the world of Telanya and its Freefolk inhabitants.

As members of the ancient order of Wardens, it is your job to protect the people of Telanya from the forces of darkness that once almost destroyed the world. You must now travel to the village of Daraton to uncover the cause of a mysterious illness. Use your characters special abilities, and the environment around you, to overcome challenges and dangers in an realm of magic and mystery. Do you have what it takes to end the sickness at Daraton? What tales will they spin of your adventures?

Over the next few weeks we'll be running free Talespinner sessions across several venues. After you have given the module a go, give us any feedback you wish. Any observations, criticisms and ideas you share will serve to shape Talespinner into a great game.

Go ahead and download the free module here.

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