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Happy New Year

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2017! A lot has been going on at Talespinner HQ with more artwork and writing being finished. Most chapters have been completed now and are awaiting final edits. We still have a way to go to secure finances for more artwork (some of which you can find in the Gallery) and we're looking into the possibility of launching the Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks.

This week we have put time aside to develop ways to make the layout of the book more accessible to younger readers, people with reading difficulties or conditions like dyslexia. As a result, the book's layout and typsetting may be a little different to what you might find in other rpg's, but we believe in being as inclusive as possible; Talespinner is for everyone.

From now on we'll be updating the website a lot more often, at least once a week. We'll keep you up to date on where the project is at. If you have any questions, ideas, offers of (paid) artistic contributions or just to say hi, hit us up at

We'll see you soon!

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